Do I have to wear Academic Dress to participate in my Graduation Ceremony?

Yes. You will be required to wear the prescribed academic dress for the Degree or Diploma in which you are graduating. This includes a gown, a mortarboard or bonnet (bonnet for PhD), hood and/or stole in the appropriate colour.

I am receiving a Double Degree, how do I order my Academic Dress?

If you are receiving a double degree, then you only need to attend one ceremony and place one order for academic dress.
The university will prescribe which colour hood you are required to wear on graduation day.

How do I book my Academic Dress?

GFP Graduations provide an easy on-line solution to order and pay for your gown hire. Simply go to monash.graduations.com.au and follow the prompts. Once you have completed your order you will receive an email confirmation. If you have any queries, please contact Customer Service on gowning@gfp.com.au or 1300 360 445.

When and where do I hire my Academic Dress?

  • All academic dress can be collected from the Graduations Precinct, Monash University Clayton campus on graduation day. 
  • Pick up times:
    • Graduands can collect from 8am - 10am on graduation day for 11am Ceremony
    • Graduands can collect from 1pm - 3pm on graduation day for 4pm Ceremony
    • Graduands can collect from 2pm - 4pm on graduation day for 5pm Ceremony
    • Graduands can collect from 5pm - 7pm on graduation day for 8pm Ceremony

Congratulations and enjoy your ceremony!

How do I work out my Gown Size?

When you place your order online you will have the option to select your size e.g. extra small, small, medium, large etc and we will also ask for your height, this will allow us to ensure you have the correct size.

When do I return my Academic Dress?

Gowns must be returned after you have finalized your photographic and graduation services within 2 hours of the ceremony finishing. Failure to return your Academic Dress within this period will incur a late fee. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions below.

Do I have to wear anything specific?

It is important to note the gown is open at the front; therefore what you are wearing underneath is visible. It is for this reason we recommend you wear business attire, and comfortable shoes. If the day is warm, you may want to remove your jacket as the gowns are quite heavy and it may be hot in the auditorium. Information regarding gown hire and academic dress rules can be found on the Graduations website.

How much will my Academic Dress hire cost?

The cost of academic dress hire is included in your graduation fee,  For a coursework student, you keep your mortarboard as a souvenir mortarboard. 

Terms and Conditions

Academic Dress Hire - Academic Dress MUST be booked a minimum of 3 days in advance of your ceremony day to avoid a late booking fee of $35.
Return of Academic Dress - Academic Dress is to be returned within 2 hours of conclusion of your ceremony. Failure to return Academic Dress on time will incur a charge equivalent to the balance of the purchase price of the regalia.
Cancellation of academic dress SALES order - If you need to cancel your order please contact Customer Service to arrange your refund. Generally refunds are not applicable if your cancellation occurs within 3 days of your ceremony.

What happens in a graduation ceremony?

Ceremonies differ depending on where/when they are held and if you are sitting on the stage or in the body of the hall. You will get a full overview of what happens in a graduation ceremony at your pre-ceremony briefing. It is very important that you attend your briefing.

What time do I need to arrive for my graduation ceremony?

You are required to be seated in the hall for a pre-ceremony briefing by the time listed in your graduation email.  It’s 30 minutes before your ceremony starts. Please ensure that you are wearing the appropriate academic attire for this briefing, as the ceremony will commence immediately after the briefing

Where are the graduation presentation ceremonies held?

Ceremonies are held at Robert Blackwood Hall, at Monash University Clayton Campus

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